About Us

Performance Is the cornerstone in everything we do. That's why DolphinEdge is focused on providing solutions that impact performance daily. Whether it's reporting, scheduling, Analysis or communicating, DolphinEdge software Products give you the Edge to stay on top of your business. Time is money, why waste it in delayed decisions making due to lack of accurate readily available information? DolphinEdge is simply the way to go.

As the regional leaders in Performance driven solutions, DolphinEdge Offers Education sector and Small and Medium enterprises access to deep expertise and an unparalleled selection of technologies that address the challenges of achievement, reporting, growth and scalability. Our products and services enable you leverage technology to ease reporting burdens, open up lines of communication and simplify internal processes. We believe that providing today's businesses with a choice of flexible, interoperable and customizable technology solutions is critical to establishing the infrastructure needed to power performance across all stakeholder. That's one reason why we offer a choice of end to end solutions.

At Dolphinedge we invest in Research and Development in Innovative technologies and business processes accross industries, we zero in on accurrate solutions that address real problems and promise real business life.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence